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Thread: So do you want to see how they addressed the Peninsular Issue?

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    24" along the wall AND no more than 36" to any point on the countertop. If somebody wants a sacrificial altar then they need to install pop-ups.

    Problem solved.


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    Most islands & peninsulas are not longer than 6'. One in the middle would make this compliant.

    The issue I see with the 2017 is that technical a receptacle at the end of a peninsula or island is not compliant. It must be installed on the long dimension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Alwon View Post
    Most islands & peninsulas are not longer than 6'. One in the middle would make this compliant.
    If you're talking about the new proposed language in the OP, my interpretation is that it involves measuring from the receptacle to any point on the countertop. So for a 6' long countertop, the far corners would be more than 36" away from the middle. [Unless it is a semicircular countertop. :-)]

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    Just thinking here, if someone did not want exposed outlets, couldn't they be mounted in like a semicircle shaped lazy Susan type device in the wall? Rotated one way, you would have your normal backsplash. Rotated 180 degrees, and you have receptacles showing. Wiring coming from underneath in the wall cavity so as to not get twisted up, and the Lazy Susan could only rotate 180 degrees one way before it locks into place, then could be rotated back to have a normal looking wall or backsplash.

    Such a device could also be mounted in the counter. By its half-spherical (or cylindrical) nature, the receptacles would be above the countertop, and be much harder to spill water or other liquids into.
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