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Thread: Hubbell NX LCS - anyone with experience?

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    Hubbell NX LCS - anyone with experience?

    I’m bidding a small school project that requires a lighting control system with preset function keypads in each classroom. My supplier is quoting a Hubbell NX Lighting control system.

    I have no experience with this one.

    I asked if each wall switch gets 120v with 0-10v dimming from the switch to the fixtures, and then a Cat5 back to the control panel for the override switches.

    Their reply was ....

    Quote Originally Posted by Hubbell Rep
    To answer their Question, yes, Cat 5 for the digital override switches to the Panels but in the rooms, it looks like they will be wiring the 0-10V Fixtures to the Room Controllers, and then Cat 5 connections to the Wall Switch Dimmers and occ sensors (where applicable).
    Looking at the spec sheet for the switches, it appears as though all loads will go directly to the relay panel, with only a Cat5 back to the switch. They also show ceiling mount occ sensors.

    Can anyone explain what is correct for me?

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    I haven't had any experience with the hubbell system you've mentioned specifically but it sounds a lot like other digital control systems out there.

    What I've seen is a "room controller" (in you're case they seem to call it a 'panel') which sits above the ceiling. Line voltage conductors as well as 0-10V are distributed to the fixtures from this controller. All switches and occupancy sensors are connected back to the controller via CAT5 cable. No other conductors are required to connect the switches or the sensors.

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