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Thread: Ballast Quality . ( Which Manufactures are the best ? )

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    Ballast Quality . ( Which Manufactures are the best ? )

    Have quite a few 150 watt metal halide fixtures that the ballast's are bad . The one's that in in them now are ( Sola E-MZAOOW150 ) . How do you determine what manufacture type you would use to get the longest life out of them ???

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    I've had good luck with Advance products. If the lifespan of the metal halide ballast you have in there now has been low, I would definitely not replace them with an oem ballast. I dont have too much experience with metal halide though. I have seen far far more fluorescent fixtures with poor ballast life, often shorter then the time it takes for the bulbs to be halfway worn out. I almost never put OEM ballasts back in any of those fixtures.

    Eta: many times, by the time ballast needs to be replaced, the fixtures themselves really aren't too far behind... May want to do a cost-benefit of replacing the entire thing
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    Advance by far.
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    I use Advance most often as well.

    You could consider going with an electronic ballast. Lamps should last longer and they are more energy efficient. I have no experience with them however and we recently went the LED path.

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    If you don't mind having a mix of fixtures in the space (assuming its a warehouse, or factory or something similar), I would definitely look at replacing the entire fixture with LED before replacing a ballast.

    The energy savings will quickly pay for the difference in cost.

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