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Thread: Unsupported Long Vertical Runs of Electrical Cords & Welding Cables

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    Unsupported Long Vertical Runs of Electrical Cords & Welding Cables

    In construction, it is common to see long vertical runs of electrical cords and welding cables extending from the ground to high work elevations. In most cases, such runs are not supported which, I believe, can cause elongation of conductors and strech insulation. Such conditions can create hazards to personnel if damages go unnoticed.

    Does the NEC/UL/NEMA address this subject and if so what specific section(s)?

    Need to know the method/type of support(s), support spacing, when needed, etc. Such info is good ammunition for the enforcement of precautions on construction sites.

    Assistance and cooperation appreciated.

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    I would look under OSHA rules. I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be tied off every x amount of feet... Even the end of a lightweight 12 gauge extension cord falling and whippin 40 ft can cause serious damage.

    Eta: article 400 of the NEC addresses flexible cords, and 590 addresses temporary installations, and article 640? Welders, tho I do not believe you will find any information in the NEC regarding your concerns.

    cable stretch and damage under its own weight is a concern, Though falling cables and trip hazards are probably much more an issue.
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