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if they are ansi rated frames they will be labeled Z87 on the frame somewhere. Mine says Z87-2. No idea what the "-2" means. Allowable side shields will also be labeled Z87. My understanding is that polycarbonate is the only accepted lens material for safety glasses.
All day made by titmus125 bifoc, photochange, was thinking of bifocal on top too but the glasses are more form fit so lens too small.
Held by Chums, around the neck eyeglass holders.
When at work ,power plant, you got ppe free in to hog house then free walk home, rest of the time, hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection, safety shoes, cotton , long sleeve shirt, pants, or scrubs, gloves (all the time working), if in hot box, control, on/off functions ppe to the arch flash level, no metal including belts. Sometimes double eye and ear protection. Great time on hot days or in the drywell other places.