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Thread: Explosion Proof Device in a Class I Division II

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    Explosion Proof Device in a Class I Division II

    I thought for sure I had read a scenario similar to the one I am about to present somewhere on this site, but I haven't been able to find it so I am going to pose the question (again possibly).

    Assume one was to install an explosionproof instrument (no other ratings, not factory sealed or anything else, just explosionproof) run in conduit in a Class 1 Div. 2 area without a conduit seal at the instrument.

    Is the installation still acceptable for a class 1 div. 2 location?

    I feel that it is obvious that it would not be explosionproof anymore - but what is it now?

    I say, without the seal, it is not good enough to install in a class 1 division 2. Without a seal at the entrance of the instrument, an explosion can no longer be confined to the instrument and may propagate through the conduit system causing issues elsewhere.

    Your thoughts?

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    Based on the scenario you described, the installation violates Section 501.15(B)(1).
    Robert B. Alexander, P.E.
    Answers based on 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted.

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