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Thread: 120/240 v single phase panel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Besoeker View Post
    Seems to be par for the course here..............
    and with those words of wisdom I think the thread has run its course as the OPs question was answered pages ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwired View Post
    You can not directly run a three phase load from it, though as I earlier mentioned you can derive an open delta system from it from which you can directly run a three phase load.

    You might be able to connect a three phase motor to both lines and to the neutral and it might run, but you have horrible voltage balance and it probably destroys that motor in no time, unless you do some transformation before connecting to the three phase motor.
    That really depends on the voltage you need. The two ungrounded conductors from the 208Y/120 system combined with the neutral form a perfectly good corner grounded 120V delta. It is, as you note, an open delta though.

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