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Thread: industrial light protectors

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    industrial light protectors

    I am looking for a lighting protector thats pretty hard for someone to bust the bulbs.. Its needed for a 10 unit apt. building. All I can find are the basic wire cage protectors that you tapcon to the concrete. This apt. complex is located on 13th St. ( Not a good area. ) They shoot them with bb guns , steal the bulbs, smash them ,, you name it , they dont want lights on so they can be seen bad acting .. I can run the wires in emt and strap the heck out of them but need a protector like plexiglass that they cant poke or shoot out ... Checked everywhere ... It can be for florescent , spot , etc. (basic fixtures for a common area hallway . 8' concrete ceiling ..) as there arent new lights put in

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    If they really don't want the lights working, no protector you install will be good enough. Maybe try the 1" thick bulletproof plexiglass they use in banks to protect the tellers from robbery. Use long-lasting LED lamps too because removing the plexiglass to change the lamps will be a pain.

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    You may need to install tamper-resistant Torx or Phillips Fasteners, or other tamper-resistant fasteners, like triwing or one way s fasteners, or you may find your bulletproof lenses gone the next morning...
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    What type of fixtures? Cobra heads, wall sconces, floods, pole toppers?

    Here's somewhere to start,

    But honestly, most fixture mfrs offer them, the search term is "vandal resistant lighting".
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    Find some prison rated lighting...

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