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Thread: Seeking Assistance/ Install Ceiling Junction Box

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    Seeking Assistance/ Install Ceiling Junction Box

    Seeking assistance in attaching an octagon box (preferably metal) to finished ceiling (dryvit) in garage. I would like to attach the box securely at the bottom of the joist, 'not' side, nor using any other system; i.e.> hangers, tabs, bars, etc. This seems to be feasible contingent upon the original builders usage of the dryvit in adding 2 1/2" x 3/4" slats underlying the joists. Drywall was placed to the slats, then dryvit being used. Should I have enough clearance in the metal octagon box being or sitting flush?

    Some pics are enclosed, as a short clip showing more detail is included (Link). Any and all responses are very much welcome.

    * Just posted this topic on DIY forum and the response I received was truly a joke, absolute joke. Hoping that some may be able to assist me here. Thank you.


    An abundance of issues trying to upload pics. Tried link as well as PC and all are invalid. Even tried attachments, and they failed.
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    I am closing this thread in accordance with the Forum rules.
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