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Thread: Induction in switch loop

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassFace View Post
    Thanks Roger! I am an apprentice and myself and another apprentice were arguing about the effects of EMF in a switch loop. He said it wouldn't cancel I said it would. Thanks for settling the argument.
    If all you have is two conductors in the raceway and they are carrying equal current but in opposite directions - which is what you have with an "end of run switch" as well as at the "load at end of run", the EMF effects of those two conductors cancel one another out.

    If you had a neutral run in that raceway but it doesn't connect to any load - it essentially isn't there when it comes to it contributing to EMF's.
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    This is also why, when relocating a circuit from one panel to an adjacent one, the neutral for that circuit should also be relocated to the other panel through the same nipple.
    Code references based on 2005 NEC
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