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Thread: 4" Box Gyp Clg.

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    I generally assume a TSGB24 Caddy a 1 1/2" box and a round mudring for a ceiling from an estimator perspective. I have less concern about fill that way than an octagon box. Then the person in the field can figure out the details. For fire alarm different rules. For example speakers require 3" deep boxes with no mud ring. Buy a specialty box Garvin, or put a piece of stud in and use a 4S with an extension. Depends on labor vs material for your area.

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    They make gypsum tiles for lay-in style ceilings. From USG:

    Back to the OP this has nothing to do with lay-in ceilings.
    Also, Armstrong makes a water-resistant/washable tile for drop ceilings that has a fiberglass backing, but they ain't cheap... around $200/box
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