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Infinity, thank you for your feedback. if you look at the 1st page of the thread, you will see the ACME drawing for the Xfmr I am going to install. It looks like the core is grounded to the case. I want to run the EGC from the 277/480 volt panel feeding the primary and bond to the Xfmr case. I will then run 3 hots with a SSBJ from the secondary to the 240 volt 3 phase panel. I will bond the SSBJ to the Xfmr case and the 240 volt 3 phase panel as well. I will bond the 240 volt 3 phase panel with the factory bonding screw or strap that is provided from the factory as well. I will then run a GEC from the Xfmr case to building steel. I do not need to derive a neutral from the separately derived system as there is no neutrals needed at the 240 volt 3 phase panel.

Am I on the right path here? Thanks
You SBJ goes either in the transformer or the panel not in both.