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Thread: No Main Breaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaggedben View Post
    For what it's worth, my experience differs, I see the 'not more than six handles' wording on lots of 'loadcenter' labels, at least if they are 12 spaces or less.

    The point is, it's a pretty sure bet that the panel in the OP's picture either had the six-handle limit labeled (when the label was all still there), or it has been improperly installed or modified.
    Fair enough. Most my experience when investigating this kind of issue has been with Square D loadcenters. If you read instructions, most of them require a main breaker if used as service equipment. I suppose other brands may be different, and older units could be different then newer units as well.
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    This might be an acceptable multi-disconnect service entrance, at least when it was installed 20 years ago. I would be concerned about an interconnection to it because the inspector, looking at this panel, will probably require it to be replaced. It looks to be in poor condition and unsafe. Maybe you can fix it up, put in a blank over the open CB position, and clean the critters out. Looks like one CB is off so maybe you have an unused circuit you can reuse.

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