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Thread: RGS/IMC

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    It's thinner wall, different alloy that is much stiffer and and hard. Bending takes more effort. The spring-back after bending is much more.
    Its much more difficult to adjust a bend after the initial bend, and is likely to kink if you try and adjust it too much.
    If your using a machine to bend, the degrees of bend need adjustment as the spring back is much greater.
    Threading is similar. You need sharp dies, plenty of oil, and more force.
    Its less durable from a corrosion standpoint, especially for underground runs.

    It's best for long overhead runs, with minimal bends, where weight and cost are factors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ActionDave View Post
    It is harder and more brittle, impossible to thread without new dies, and sucks to bend.
    And that in the real world, amounts to a higher labor rate than rigid, even though the labor manuals show IMC as lower based only on the weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhee2 View Post
    Other than that, though, it's great?

    On the other end of the suck Spectrum, there is ENT on reels. in cold weather, it has a nasty tendency to snap unexpectedly, and the loose end will recoil and either hit you in the face or the groin. You have to hand straighten the stuff about every 6 in to get a reasonably straight run.

    this results in a "straight run" of conduit with a million little one and two degree kicks in it. Also, about one-in-five fittings will snap or crack when inserting ENT into them. if you're installing the stuff in cold weather, you might as well add an extra 15 or 20% to your materials cost.

    And it has to be strapped every 3 ft, which means if you're running it in trusses on 24 inch centers you have to strap it to every truss. and if you put a butt connector in the middle of a curve, I guarantee your fish tape will hang on it
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    I've run many many many feet of 1/2-2" IMC and never really had any issues with it. I am surprised to see some people dislike it so much. I actually usually buy it over rigid unless I want the added protection from physical damage. My only real gripe is my shop doesnt have the correct 555 bender die for 1 1/2 and 2" and the rigid one ripples the 90s and it pisses me off.

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