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Thread: Conductor Grouping & Raceways

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    Conductor Grouping & Raceways

    Good afternoon Everyone,

    First time poster here, but have a question on how some of you take-off your branch circuits. For instance, can you have 3 separate circuits fairly close together, would you assume grouping 9 conductors + ground in 1 3/4" conduit? Than once you hit one, drop down to 6 conductors + ground, and so on...? I tend to be a perfectionist on things like this, but it takes 10x as long, especially when your dealing with a 3 million + project.

    So my question being, is a quicker way to just assume 10 wires the whole way, or to assume a new conduit per homerun? The same works for supports, should i assume strut racks, and just get a rough count at the end?

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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    The way I would do your particular example would be rig 10 conductors staggered at intervals. I would tape four wires together, 3 phase conductors and the ground wire, then 10 or 12 ft back from that, or however far apart your boxes are, I would tape the second three wires together, then move back the distance to the next box and take three more together there.

    The farthest away box, I would pull out 2 feet of wire and put a loose knot in it so it does not get yanked back through the conduit. The second box, I would pull the wire till I found my tape set, then pull that out about 2 foot and put a knot in it, , then I would go to the last or shortest box and pull out a working length of wire there.

    PS Welcome to The Forum. If you think you may be doing any expansion in the future, you will want to bring all conductors through all boxes.
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    I took his question to be how to price up the material.

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