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Thread: PVC Duct Bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cow View Post

    To answer your question, stubbing up into gear with pvc is extremely common.
    Quote Originally Posted by mstrlucky74 View Post
    Thanks thought one would never stub up into gear with PVC.
    The PVC that sticking up through the concrete is not very much ( a connector & fiber bushing). The PVC is enclosed within the gear and not exposed to physical damage other than the pull it's self.
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    Quote Originally Posted by don_resqcapt19 View Post
    Even if you are permitted to use a PVC 90, you have to take a look at the pull to see if it will be likely that the pull rope will cut though the PVC at the 90 and result in damaged conductors. If it will be a short easy pull, not an issue, but it is an issue on long difficult pulls.

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    The title of this post states this is a duct bank......a duct bank would be encased in concrete.

    Is there a spec section about duct banks? A lot of them require long radius elbows...sometimes GRC and sometimes wrapped

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    Quote Originally Posted by mstrlucky74 View Post
    Because every spec I've read says no PVC within footprint of building...except this one.
    We use PVC with metallic elbows when penetrating the concrete.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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    Quote Originally Posted by petersonra View Post
    if you agreed to use sch 80 where it pops up into the gear.
    isn't schedule 80 smaller internal diameter, you might create an abrasion point in the conduit run mixing schedule 40 and 80. or have to put a huge chamfer on the 80 were it transitions

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