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Thread: Electric Vault question

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    Electric Vault question

    an existing dormitory building is being upgraded and the overhead service will be removed and it will be connected with a new underground service to a nearby electric vault.

    1) Can the new power cables to electric vault be run direct buried underground or is a duct bank needed?
    2) Any special considerations to keep in mind for the connections in the electric vault? IE, can the electrical contractor core drill the vault or is that done by the poco?

    I appreciate your help.

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    see attached image for how I see the design. Let me know if you agree or if changes are needed.Name:  ungd serv.jpg
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    it looks like for new england, that conduit needs to be encased in concrete.
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    For NYC, I believe,
    1) cables to vault be in concrete encased conduit(s), and conduit(s) can not be PVC.

    2) Electrical contractor is allowed to core drill vault and install conduit and wire, but the termination will be done by Con Edison or by electrical contractor in presence of Con Edison.

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