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Thread: Electric car charger near gas dispenser ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwhitney View Post
    Yes, to disconnect a J1772 connector from an EV, you push a button to disengage a simple mechanical lock. That button push also sends a signal to the EV to stop charging. So when you pull the connector out, it should not be under load.

    Cheers, Wayne
    (In other words, it's safer in many aspects than a typical gas pump nozzle that can spray gasoline all over your shoes if it pops out accidentally.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by augie47 View Post
    If I was going to worry about the arc at an electric vehicle, I'd be scared to death every time someone started their conventional engine sitting at the gas pump
    I would think the 18" "envelope" on the dispenser classification should minimum any hazard.

    Just watch out for the guy leaning up against the gas pump as he takes his afternoon smoke break.

    Though there is a little more danger in vapors accumulating in something that sits nearby 24/7 then there is with a vehicle pulling up for just a few minutes then leaving, but unless it is within that 18" is still not likely to be a problem.
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