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Thread: PV Wire Bending Radius 338.24 or 300.34?

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    PV Wire Bending Radius 338.24 or 300.34?

    The PV wire (USE-2, single insulated conductor) I am installing is rated for 2000V for a 1500V PV system and I am trying to find out the minimum bending radius for the PV wire. In code section 338.24 bending radius, it says 5 times the cable diameter, however in code section 300.34 code says 8 times the cable diameter. Which code section should I use, are the two code sections contradicting each other? It seems that 300.34 referes to conductor bending radius, maybe it is for the bare copper conductor when the insulation is stripped off but when we bend the cable, we are also bending the bare copper conductor at the same time right?

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    NEC does not provide any guidance specifically for PV Wire use in chapter 3. Even though PV Wire is often dual rated for use where USE-2 is allowed it is not the same construction, it uses much thicker insulation. So the bending radius of USE is going to be smaller. But I see 4X or 5X often quoted. I would get the manufacturer's recommendation.
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