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Thread: Horizontal sliding door

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    Horizontal sliding door

    I have automatic horizontal sliding door which per IBC 2015 requires standby power. IBC says refer to NEC for standby power. I am confused as to what tyoe of standby power is required by the code generator, battery, UPS for the horizontal door????

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    I do not know what the 2015 IBC specs however, most all sliding doors that I have seen do not have backup power of any kind, they have push bars, breakaway hinges (and a lot of warning signage) so they can be opened manually from the inside for emergency egress..

    As a matter of safety, I would tend to think that any exit doors that must be unlocked or opened electrically would be on a legally required emergency standby system, unless you are working on some sort of specialty item, like a bank vault, prison, or biohazard lab.
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