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Thread: NEC 2017 Electric Meter clearances from Oil Fill Pipe Residential

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    NEC 2017 Electric Meter clearances from Oil Fill Pipe Residential

    Hello, I cannot find anything on the minimum clearance an Electric Meter has to be from an Oil Fill Pipe / Vent? I am sure it’s requirement comes from the Oil Code however I thought our code would echo and reference the same?
    Thank you, Gary

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    Generally, if it is in another code the NEC is silent on it. There was a gas code around here about 3 feet from disconnects but not meters....

    I don't believe what you are looking for is in the nec
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    It might be in a plumbing or mechanical code, and it would refer in general to electrical equipment not to a meter specifically.

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    Gas codes might want electric equipment a certain distance from anything that may vent gas at times, but that is mostly to prevent ignition of the gas in such situations.

    Fuel oil isn't going to have ignitable vapors or if it does would be pretty unusual circumstances.
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    That may be in NFPA 31 but not in the NEC. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it's directly under the meter.
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