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Thread: 5KV shielded cable

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    5KV shielded cable

    *Canadian asking, sorry if this is clear in the NEC*

    The Canadian electrical code table for sizing conductors is for unshielded conductors. What do you do if you are using shielded cables?

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    Are you sure they are for unshielded conductors? The NEC has a separate set of tables for conductors at voltages greater than 2000 V, and those tables are for shielded conductors.

    At higher voltages, I don't think unshielded conductors are installed in conduits very often.

    There is a note that the ampacities only apply if the shields are only grounded at one end. If the shields are grounded at multiple points, the heating due to the shield currents should be taken into account.

    But that's all in the NEC. I'm not sure what the Canadian Electric Code says.

    The NEC is usually pretty conservative - I wonder if it would be safe to use the values it lists? Basically assuming that the Canadian code would permit the same or higher ampacities than the NEC.

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