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    I have attached a crude layout of a electrical distribution around my home for review and recommendations.

    I am looking to improve the grounding and bonding around my pool for safety.

    My kid got shocked at the pool and I want to eliminate that from ever happening again.

    The situation that occurred was a freak accident of stray current introduced on the ground circuit. Full story, I was adding a flood light on the shop eave. I had ran the wiring, installed an old work box in the eave and on the inside of the shop wall and had dropped down wiring to grab power from a receptacle. My kid was about 75 feet away in the pool. I had finished the wiring and was about the tap up to the hot receptacle. I flipped off what I thought was the right breaker and unscrewed the receptacle screws. This was a metal box with (2) duplex receptacles, 15A circuit with 12AWG wiring. I had my meter in hand to test the circuit and verify it was off. Obviously in hindsight I would have tested before even unscrewing the receptacle - but I didn't and as I pulled out one of the receptacles from the double box to test the circuit the bare ground contacted the hot of the other receptacle and made a very tiny arc. I stopped what I was doing and before I even turned around I heard my kid scream. I was thinking it was probably a snake or something in the pool and had not related the arc to her scream. When I got there my kid was standing along the side of the pool screaming, dad, you shocked me.....

    I have small pool house with a 60A MLO panel. My pool has (3) pumps. All three are 230V 1ph on 20A double pole breakers. There are two lighting-receptacle circuits and they are pulled off GFCI receptacle circuits within the pool house. There are 4 wires pulled to the pool house: (2) hots 6 AWG; (1) bare ground 6 AWG; (1) 10 AWG neutral. The 120V for the lighting is pulled off one leg of the 230V and uses the 10 AWG neutral. There is no ground rod at the pool house.

    My pool was installed about 6 years ago by a professional pool man. But I can tell you for sure that my concrete around the pool is not bonded.

    I would like to know what can be done to prevent stray power from getting on the ground circuit and finding a path around my pool to the transformer?

    Thank you.
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    I am closing this thread, in accordance with forum rules. We are not permitted to assist a homeowner, even one who is an engineer, with troubleshooting or repairing electrical equipment at their own homes. You would have to have agreed to this requirement during the registration process. Please contact a professional electrician. Your family's safety is more important than anything.
    Charles E. Beck, P.E., Seattle
    Comments based on 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted.

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