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Thread: Multi family gas bonding

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    way back we couldn't get near a gas line, then it was 6' with some 'flashover' rationale, now it's a visible piece of #8CU or the gas nazi's have a cow....


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    Quote Originally Posted by petersonra View Post
    It is bonded via the EGC run with the circuit(s) that supply the equipment using the gas.

    Note the use of the qualifier "likely to become energized". If there is no electricity that would energize the piping system no need to bond it.

    I don't think what you did violates the NEC. just is unnecessary.

    It might violate the gas company rules to make the bond where you did.
    I also agree.

    Thing is the possible condition they mentioned on their tag essentially exists anyway - just through the EGC instead of a more obvious conductor. Remove it and don't even try to explain - they won't care
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