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Thread: Defrost timer mounted inside walk-in freezer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drcampbell View Post
    "Some": 5 watts, maybe, which won't be nearly enough to prevent condensation, nor to keep the mechanical parts up to -10°C. (if applicable)
    5 watts in a ~100 cubic inch enclosure is plenty of heat to lessen condensation effects within that enclosure. I never said it would prevent it just that it may help.
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    Timer Choices

    The so called modern Solid State hybrid time clocks I have enocuntered in the field thusfar, I would not give a thin dime for. Unless someone has made a better one that I have not seen, they are unreliable on a good day.
    I was assuming Electromechanical unit as in Paragon timer which is one of the best for the job and of course has line voltage behind a cardboard protector that is very easily removed. Laypersons should not have access to the defrost clock.
    While there are a number of ways these units can be set up, the easiest way is not always the best, and when troubleshooting by sequence of operation, the HVAC guy is going to want the timer at the condensing unit for very specific reasons. Getting the LP control correctly set is the first one and that setting is going to vary with location and refrigerant type. It allows a quick test of all functions on the control set [ Serial Thermostat connection, Timer N.C contacts, Timer N.O. contacts, Pumpdown cycle and so forth] without having to run around and up and down ladders or all over creation.
    A LOT of solid state controls as used in lower end HVAC machines is by nature unstable and very poorly engineered from a ruggedness and reliability standpoint.
    Every service Engineer I know who has been in the trade for more than 20 years has changed out " too many " circuit boards." Period. Full stop.
    It interesting to note that when you get into Chillers and other types of rigs from 150 to 1000 tons of capacity and up, how the reliability of said components suddenly becomes better in many cases. The unreliability and shoddiness is built in otherwise and will keep you running when you may have better things to do.
    There are other modern so called devices in widspread usage and people just seem to think this is the way things have to be....
    The are time bandits.
    Microwave Radiation Dangers should be openly discussed

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