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Thread: Magnetic starter for 3PH vacum motor

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    Magnetic starter for 3PH vacum motor

    I need to install GE geh-6430c starter. not really sure how to wire it to make it work.
    Because of the multiple location to turn it on, i was planning to use 3Ph contactor relay control by 120V load
    Do i always need to use a pressure switch or i can use that contactor to control load?

    Thanks for help.

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    More details of control scheme seem to be needed to answer.

    You mentioned multiple locations to turn it on. You also mentioned a pressure switch. That leaves me wondering some things.

    Do you also want to stop the motor from same locations you start it from?

    What is the purpose of the pressure switch? Is it some sort of limit and shuts motor down if that limit is reached? Or is your "start" switch a master control and the motor automatically cycles as needed depending on the status of the pressure switch?
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    That GE number is for the instruction sheet on a solid state overload relay, basically PART of a motor starter. This and your other questions leads me to believe you may not fully understand how starters work and you are uncomfortable with them. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but in electrical work, sometimes it’s best to not take on things you don’t fully understand and to have a more experienced electrician show you how until you get it. An Internet forum is not a substitute for proper hands-on training.
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