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Thread: Grounding Conductor within conduit under 690.31(G)

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    Grounding Conductor within conduit under 690.31(G)

    My question is where the equipment grounding conductor, located within a metal conduit with current carrying conductors in a PV output circuit, will ground the equipment that is the metal conduit? If the conduit enters inside a building 690.31(G) will the conduit be grounded by the EGC at the point of penetration or where the EGC meets the grounding terminal in the accessable inverter?

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    Maybe you should try to explain what, or who, is raising the issue for you, because the question is hard to make sense of.

    Metal conduit is normally bonded to itself by installation and at enclosures is often bonded with a jumper and grounding bushing or similar device, depending on details. I don't see how 690.31 speaks to it at all. Bonding is basically dealt with in article 250 and Chapter 3.

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