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Thread: Securing bids

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    Securing bids

    hi All,

    Does anyone have some general tips for winning a bid?

    Is there a percentage of total bids won that would consider me a successful estimator?


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    I don't really have an answer other than if you get every bid, you're probably too low, and if you don't get any, you're probably too high. If you keep not winning bids with the same people, they're probably just using you as a second or third bid and the job has actually already been awarded.

    I always hated bidding jobs. I had enough work from my regular customers, that I usually wouldn't take the time to bid a job, if it was someone I didn't know.
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    I was told in business school it is 10% wins, otherwise it is what John said too high or too low.
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    10% has always been a good measure in commercial electrical.

    I used to bid around $20 to 30 million a year to hit a target of 2 to 3 million a year in awarded jobs.

    Conversely, when I went into business, I figured what my overhead will be for a given year...then, assuming I put 10-15% overhead on my bids...I could calculate an approximate volume of estimates I need to crank out
    to cover my annual overhead

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