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Thread: Electric Water heater wifi controlled

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbiss View Post
    Who cleans, changes the linens, fumigates between rental customers? You can't do that remotely. I wouldn't even want to rent something that wasn't properly cleaned before I got there. That would be disgusting. You're right, the world has changed. Who knows what went on there before you.

    Yeah we know.
    However with remote controls you can see if they did what they are supposed to.
    When a tech is dispatched to these places , they know when I arrive, they have web cameras in the perimeter or ring type stuff. ...........
    Yes it is a new world and workplace

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    However with remote controls you can see if they did what they are supposed to.
    Did what WHO is supposed to? You mean it's the previous renters responsibility to clean and wash or change the linens? Ewwww! Gross!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sierrasparky View Post
    Have you seen the size of homes we have around lake tahoe? Some of these folks are so cheap , they would rather use remote devices then pay a caretaker.
    Caretaker probably does cost more, some might feel they will be taken advantage or or have things stolen, etc. This usually those that are only moderately wealthy though. The filthy rich have full time caretakers at all their properties.

    Quote Originally Posted by mtfallsmikey View Post
    I'm old school, have an Intermatic timer on mine, with a contactor hooked up to a switch so I can override the timer, let the heater work full time if I wish.
    What does that make those of us with no controller at all other then the OEM thermostats? Cavemen?
    I live for today, I'm just a day behind.

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    I just turn off all the breakers when I leave my camp, turn them on when I get there.
    If I rented it out, I would be there when customer arrived and left, 1-1/2hrs. door to door

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