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Thread: Problems with SolarEdge HD Wave?

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    Problems with SolarEdge HD Wave?

    Hey All,

    Like many, ever since the Rapid Shutdown rule we have been installing almost exclusively Solaredge. Has anyone else been experiencing a lot of bugs with their new HD Wave inverters? It has been problem after problem for us. I ask because sometimes I wonder if it has anything to do with our end of things rather than theirs. The faults usually clear up with firmware updates but not always.

    And I have brought this up in another thread in the past but want to ask again, what has peoples experience been like with all the new RS equipment on the market? Good, bad, whatever.

    What is your go-to product to address RS?

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    My only advice, not backed up by more than a couple anecdotes, is to always use the little red switch to turn off the inverter when it's running, before opening any AC or DC disconnects.

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    Solaredge and Enphase is all I install. Resi only.
    Cannot comment on SE bugs.

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