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Thread: Sharing electricity expenses estimation

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    Like if I setup a bitcoin mining plant and you help me pay for the power bill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mivey View Post
    The one with the highest demand per square foot.
    I think no problem with MD whether shared through sub-meter or square foot basis. But the owner having higher area coverage would gain undue advantage for KWH sharing on square foot basis because sharing on square foot basis assumes all load switched on tenant side which is not always the case. Your view on this? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahib View Post
    The tenant to occupy 5th and 8th floors. How to estimate sharing of HVAC, lights , elevator, fire protection charges, standby generator usage in the absence of submeter? Thanks.
    Just make sure the rental contract spells out clearly how you plan on sharing those expenses...CLEARLY...So they can look at the utility bills and other info used to determine the share without any questions/lawsuits.

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