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    Hey everyone this is my first post and hoping someone can help me. I'm first year apprentice and just got my first solo job and need some advice. I have a portable welding table that im working on and i have to go through and make it up to code. This portable table has a 30kva 480/208 delta/wye transformer. I have 6/4 so cable with a plug feeding the transformer and i have #2xhhw on my load side going to a 90a main circuit breaker in a sub panel on the same table. I was reading the tables and i feel like i should use a number 8 for my ground wire to my ground bar inside the panel and connect it to my grounding lug thats connected by a jumper to the neutral on the load side. Is this okay?? Thank you.

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    I am closing this thread because as an apprentice this is not a job you should be doing and I fear there is danger involved
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