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Thread: Solar Edge Inverter working at 100% but not all Optos paired

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    Solar Edge Inverter working at 100% but not all Optos paired

    Good morning,

    Does anyone know if its possible for optimizers to produce that are not paired with the inverter? I have a commercial site where the inverters are operating at about 100% of expected but many of them are missing a couple of optos. for instance all should have 54 connected but some only show 52 or 51 after pairing but still seem to be producing. Has anyone ever noticed this?


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    An optimizer will typically allow current and voltage to pass through from the others in series. So unless the missing optimizers are needed for the minimum string count of 8, what you're describing is totally possible and normal. My guess would be that those missing optos don't have their modules plugged in. I rather doubt that you can distinguish the difference between 54 and 51 modules producing by looking at the inverter output. That's 'about 100%', unless you're adding up the optimizer data and comparing
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