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Thread: Coax as a loose Ground Satellite TV

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    Coax as a loose Ground Satellite TV

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    Why dont cable installers working as independent contractors in Oregon require a license to do installs? I had a "Sales Team" representing Direct TV at my door, who completely misrepresented "lied" about the package, services, prices and also conducted a very incompetent install which damaged my home, fascia, siding, was unsafe and against code. They left loose Ground wire, used 18 gauge conductor from a coax as a ground which they did not secure/bond to the ground correctly causing all other ground wires to be loose. They also left all enclosures open leaving wires exposed to rain and other weather. The County Inspector would not come out to inspect stating this work does not require licensing. Even though it doesnt require license, aren't installers still supposed to follow all codes ? The TV service did not work & internet service was not available in this area thru provider & Even though we called & cancelled within our "trial" timeline they still charged us $$ & collectors hounded us (for service Not ever provided) Beware Direct TV !

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    It's gonna work really well with the center conductor grounded.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by zbang View Post
    It's gonna work really well with the center conductor grounded.....
    If I understand the original post correctly, they used a piece of coax as a ground, not coax that was part of the system.,.. I hope anyway!

    What is pictured violates 820.100, and though mechanical execution of work can rarely be cited I think you can make an argument for violating 820.24 also.

    DISH installs are the worst, but that is not all the installers fault... People want a thousand channels of HDTV for $50 a month, DISH gives them a free install, you think any of that wire gets trenched in? Permit pulled and inspection done? With what money?

    The cable company may not pull cables inside your walls, but at least you'll get a properly trained and equipped technician to come out there and install new equipment (whether or not they have bathed recently maybe in question). I'm not sure your average dish or DirecTV installer can even spell "coaxial".

    Have any pictures where they attached the cable or made the penetration in the fascia?
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