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Thread: using one's own or employer's license on home vs. owner builder

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    Quote Originally Posted by electrofelon View Post
    I don't see any issue, but I'm not clear on how he will end up ahead. Say he pays the employer a grand, then he gets a $300 tax credit. He is still $700 in the hole over if he just did it himself. Not sure how the IRS handles figuring compensation for one's own time for an install.
    The general rule is that the value of labor done (e.g. charity or sweat equity) does not count for anything unless it is also declared as income.

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    Well I just completed a project in Los Angeles county and pulled an owner/builder permit. I am not a licensed EC but a practicing EE. I hired a licensed GC to do all structural/framing/roof/etc. I did electrical and mechanical. These were stamped plans for the structural.

    No issues. The contractor didn't like my joist cuts for HVAC lines but I followed the code and it passed. I also did all the shear wall work. This GC is Ok with me "helping" but I do know some are not.

    My AHJ is also very reasonable not only here but also on another larger 2002 project.

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