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Thread: Conduit support

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    The place looks pretty sharp to me.

    I don't think the got away with anything worth discussing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Carultch View Post
    I don't think conduit is really "supported" if the "support" is weaker/more flexible than the conduit. Beat the assembly with a sledge hammer, and those threaded rods will break long before the conduit.

    You are welcome to think that, but cite a code section. A ceiling wire is far more flexible than a conduit and the code specifically allows them when installed independent of the ceiling grid.

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    40' ceilings

    We have 40' ceilings but we ran our strut racks at 23' so the top of any machine is no more than 19' unsupported.

    As for how they get away with it, no inspections after power panels in allot of large plants that are self insured.
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