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Thread: Scaffolding vs. Lift

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragin Cajun View Post
    the lift cracked the very expensive tiled floor.
    Every time I consider getting a lift to use inside a (usually expensive) residence, this is what I'm worried about. Installing a chandelier or fan on a 20 foot ceiling sucks when doing it off a 16ft A-frame ladder, but ladders don't crack floor tiles or grout. Lifts are very heavy on a small footprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strathead View Post
    I have found that it isn't that big of a deal to move 4 x 8 sheets around. I would seriously question 3/4" plywood and explain it is actually more likely to hurt the floor in the event of mishandling and 3/8" masonite will hold up to the wheels of a lift all day long. I would be concerned about the scaffold, because what is described sounds like there is still potential for damage to the floor and who will be nailed for that. With the lift it is likely you just have a helper on the ground to box and unbox and to move the sheets of masonite as needed.

    And I did some repair on a warranty basis recently.
    If I have the lift I don't need a helper. With scaffolding I will need to climb at each light location, doable but not so desirable for fat middle aged men With lift you let it do the work of elevating you. I used a lift in this same gym a couple years ago when they updated HVAC - it was HVAC contractors lift and they let me use it. School maintenance guys pulled their protective tarps over the floor then still wanted lift run on plywood. Floor was replaced not so long ago and they are very protective of it. With the thicker plywood their concern is that will help distribute weight of the lift over more surface. It probably is fine to run it right on the tarp, but they don't want to take the chance of breaking a floor board.

    Quote Originally Posted by JFletcher View Post
    Finding a rental scaffold with good Wheels is going to be about as difficult as maneuvering sheets of plywood on the floor if they don't scratch the surface... I would think it would be almost impossible to turn a manlift on top of plywood without the plywood pivoting under the tires and scratching the floor.. then again, most gyms have pull-out bleachers and those wheels have quite a bit of weight on them and they do not damage the floor.

    Given that you're going to burn extra time safely moving either, I would rather have the time advantage of a lift in your case. Your helpers on the ground can move plywood in between unboxing new fixtures and taking old ones out
    Floor under bleachers when pulled out isn't quite as guarded at this place, main court they are very particular about. When we ran lift on plywood a couple years ago we had no problem with plywood trying to pivot when turning. Not going to happen if you have more then one wheel on a sheet. even if you only have steer wheels on one sheet - if butted up against another sheet with the other two wheels on it - it can't really move because of the weight on that other sheet won't let it move.
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