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Thread: Batteries For Home Standby Power

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    I was concerned about any fumes and ventilation requirements. I figured I would deal with that if I could figure out a way to do the job for what he might pay.

    Once he heard what kind of money it would take he gave up so I stopped trying to figure it all out. Going forward I will just tell people to write me a blank check if they want something similar.

    I did learn a lot so I got something out of the effort. Thanks to all that replied

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    PW Woes

    Quote Originally Posted by curt swartz View Post
    Your calculation is not taking account for the energy the PV system would be contributing. The Tesla batteries are designed to work with a PV systems that is generating most of the energy. It will help make up for peak loads that are greater than the PV is producing and energy at night when there is no PV energy. In most cases you would not connect the AC to the critical load panel supplied by the Tesla batteries. If you really want everything backed up and to function like you have utility power then you will need to pay the price for more batteries.

    The Tesla batteries have a builtin inverter. They simply connected to a 2P30 back feed breaker in the critical/backup loads panel.
    You seem to have some experience with Tesla gear so I am putting my question to you: we have a PW2 setup with 21 250w panels and it works well, fully disconnected from the grid. We get enough sun between 9am-2pm to fully charge the battery...we probably have enough for a 2nd battery but that's not the issue here: the issue is that the Tesla battery just shuts itself down randomly, independent of load, PV or no PV power, day or night. It usually resets itself within seconds or minutes and then it might run two weeks with no problems, followed by a 2-3 day period with a flurry of shutdowns. WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS? It's not connected to the grid, it's happens whether the load is high or low. Is the battery controlled by the gateway or is it the other way around? Right now, the system shut itself down last week and will not restart. No pilot light on the battery, nothing happens when I connect or disconnect the house, gateway, etc. DOA. Got any ideas here? I've already listened to several posters ask about ambient temp, load, grid connect, and all the other possibilities. We are operating within spec according to Tesla. Our 'off-grid' usage is approved by Tesla.

    So do you have any insights here on what could produce these shutdowns, and now a DOA situation?

    Mod Note: If you do have any insights or questions, please take them to this thread.
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