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Thread: Licenses to acquire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansel View Post
    How do you receive a Master Electrician's license? I was reading that you have to do an apprenticeship then apply for a Journeyman Electrician license. After that, then you can receive a Masters Electrician license. Did you go to a different route?
    As the others have indicated, there are alternate paths to sit for the test depending on your State Board.

    Mine was in Delaware and I was qualified to take the exam by having the PE license for 10 years, and I worked with the Board for the annual inspections at the industrial facility where I was employed so I had contacts.

    Good luck.

    It's a great career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadfly56 View Post
    IIRC, NJ used to let you sit for the Contractor's exam if you had an EE degree and a PE. I believe that's done away with, although the EE degree is good for some of the hours you need (2,000? of them). Otherwise, for Ansel he'll need to work under an EC and put in the hours. He may get some credit for his degree.

    Ansel, I just noticed you're in NY. Are you looking for a NY state license or a NY city license? Makes a difference.
    I was looking into maybe both. Either way, I have to wait a few years for my PE. I just don't know how I can work under an EC working in an office as an EE. I guess it is harder now to get the Masters license.

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