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I used to think like that. But everything that's done doesn't have to meet current code.
Repairs on existing installations is one of those things that can be grandfathered.

The only reason I mentioned that they may not have needed a permit was because there probably are not any records of the exact date of repair or panel change out.

The original installation did meet code and unless someone does some new construction that involves the service the county won't/can't make them change the location.

I personally hate it when a panel is in a bathroom especially when there is going to be a washer in front of it and not enough head room to start with. Even the foreman of the remodeling job wanted it changed ( we flipped one around on another job) but the man who signs the checks said no.

I have never installed a panel in a bathroom or even replaced a panel in a bathroom. But just because a panel is located in a bathroom doesn't mean anyone can force the owner to change it.
Someone gets electrocuted while working in that panel over the washer - they find out you replaced it and current codes at the time said it needed workspace in 110.26 - they will be coming after you in a lawsuit. Don't mean they win the case, but had you insisted on complying with code and placed it elsewhere, you maybe aren't dragged into the suit. Just something to think about.