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Thread: suspended cable for light

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    suspended cable for light

    Good day guys and gals.

    I need to run conductors to a 120v light. The conductors will be suspended overhead from a couple of telephone poles about 100ft. What type of cable or conductors would you guys use for this? I was thinking SOOW but I was thinking there has to be something better for this type of application. There is a guy/messenger wire already installed for support.

    Thanks for the replies.

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    I myself would use the same kind of triplexed cable assembly the POCO's typically use for service drops - you can get that in as small as 6 AWG aluminum. Conductor insulation will last seemingly forever compared to SOOW.
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    SOOW would be a bad idea. The jacket will deteriorate pretty quickly with sunlight exposure. 400.12 (4) "Not permitted: where attached to building surfaces" could be cited, but the argument that a pole is a "building" is debatable.

    TC-ER tray cable would work.

    Uses Permitted:
    336.10 (2) In outdoor locations supported by a messenger wire.

    You'll need a lot of cable ties, and (if your inspector is a stickler) they'll need to be listed:

    At least make sure the cable ties you use are black, and good quality. The natural white cable ties do not last in the sun. Do the next guy a favor and cut your cable ties off flush; I have a scar on my arm from a sharp cable tie tail.

    336.10 (7) e States that you need to secure the cable at intervals not exceeding 6ft, but I'd go closer. 6ft will look sloppy, IMO. Also, if a cable tie fails in the wind, you don't want your cable "zippering" down off the messenger wire.


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