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figured as much. done a lot of them. cadweld 2/0 tails onto
them, and T weld the tails to a 4/0 buried 18" down in the dirt.

if anyone had such a thing, LADWP would'a figured it out by now.
they spend a lot of time cadwelding poles.

the only thing i don't like about cadwelding in this instance is the post will corrode from the inside out a lot quicker after welding on it after galvanizing, if you could get a tab put on before galvanizing it would be a little more robust system. obviously i can have a fabricator make some and have them galvanized but it would likely be cheaper if a manufacturer already does it, but i can't find any.

also has anyone ever torqued a ground(bonding clamp (ground clamp is just trade name)) clamp to a gate, sometimes the gate member smashes a ton and you can't get to the torque.