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Thread: Main breaker and Service disconnect bonding/grounding

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    Main breaker and Service disconnect bonding/grounding

    I am not sure to where exactly I need to run the GEC and bonding jumpers. I normally would run them into main breaker panel but now I also have a service disconnect.

    I have the following installation:
    Residential house 300A underground service.

    Outside- 325A meter with lever bypass with 150A Service disconnect on the left of the meter for the sub panel in the laundry room. (disconnect attached to the meter with pvc pipe/ta)
    150A main breaker panel in the basement underneath the meter. (2" pvc conduit going down from the meter then through the concrete wall directly into the main breaker panel in the basement)

    I need to bond the gas pipe (other side of the house), do intersystem bonding termination, do foundation ground and ground rods. Reason for ground rods is because they did #6 foundation ground instead of #4.

    I was going to run the foundation ground into 150A main breaker panel, then run #4 from the main breaker into meter pan and terminate it there, then from the meter pan #6 into 150A service disconnect. I ran #6 gas ground into the 150A disconnect also. Ground rods with #6 and intersystem bonding termination attached to that GEC which will terminate also in the 150 Service disconnect.

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    You need to run all that grounding to the service disconnect, not the sub.

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    One problem you have is that there are two service disconnecting means - and they are not grouped in same location.
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