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Thread: PV Conduit Labels - Blowing away

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    PV Conduit Labels - Blowing away

    Is anyone else having a problem with "Warning - Photovoltaic Power Source" labels required by 690.31(G)(3) failing to adhere after a few years?

    Three years ago these tape style labels were applied to systems in hot Parker, Arizona, on newly painted conduits and J-boxes, etc. Most of the labels on SW-facing, wall mounted 1" EMT conduits have now blown away. The paint did not peel. These were made by a major manufacturer, certified to UL969. Manufacturer's warranty "is limited to the replacement of the product".

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    I would be surprised if a peel and stick label lasted 2 years on paint, so if you are getting 3 I'm officially surprised. It's like people expect plastic wire ties to last 20 years on a roof. Just not believable. Getting a good bond with peel and stick is really dependent on the surface and environment and being UL 969 Listed does not guarantee that the sticker will stay on for 20 years anywhere it is stuck. Then we can get into fading, I see lot's of faded out red after even a couple of years.
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    Can you switch to a stainless stamped plate hung from the conduit with a small stainless chain, like a dog tag?

    I see this method on flowmeters and various process instruments, that is, if it's not riveted on permanently.

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