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Thread: kitchen afci gfci question

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    kitchen afci gfci question

    OK, just a student but, with the newest codes for afci, etc... in the kitchen... would it be best to feed the dishwasher and the garbage disposal under the counter from a combination fci above the counter that has load feeding to a switch for the garbage disposal, and also to the dishwasher? Or would this be against the dedicated circuits? I mean, the circuit I am trying to do has the breaker in the box already protected to first box, but they do not make afci gfci switches, only outlets and test panels.
    I already show a test panel inline for the refrigerator, since the plug for the refrigerator is behind the unit, thus not accessible, and I show the same setup for a freezer in a pantry. Am I going too far? or is this the right way to design these based upon the idea that a short can occur between the breaker panel and the first outlet?

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    For new circuits you pretty much need to AFCI protect the entire branch circuit. This means AFCI breaker is needed.

    If you also need GFCI protection at the outlet(s) the dual function AFCI/GFCI breakers that are now available typically cost less then purchasing an AFCI breaker and a GFCI receptacle - and most will prefer to use those. I think is simpler for user as well. Something quits working they don't normally go looking for wall mounted devices that are tripped - they go to main panel and look for tripped circuit breakers.
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