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Thread: Electrical Equipment Mounting Requirements

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    Electrical Equipment Mounting Requirements

    Customer wants to prepare a special mobile cart. The cart will have a small pump motor and a small disconnect & VFD mounted on it. Then the idea is to have a #10/3 SO cord & plug off of the disconnect connect to a twistlock receptacle mounted on a wall. I don't like this configuration and would prefer no twistlock receptacle and just the disconnect on the wall with an SO cord to the drive on the mobile cart.

    But is there any prohibitions in the code for mounting electrical equipment like disconnects/breakers/drives etc., on mobile equipment?

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    I don't believe so. But why would you want to eliminate the plug and receptacle? Wouldn't that allow the cart to be moved? Further, I think you will run into problems Code wise by wiring a flexible cord directly from, in this case, a disconnect to a movable cart.


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