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Thread: Switches

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    What circuit can you draw where the neutral could be the cause of the logical operation that Mparn described?

    Now that he has clarified a little more it is not a neutral issue. I was initially thinking he meant both switches must be on before any of the lights work, if that were the case it could be an open neutral issue.

    That said even though design was supposed to be multiwire circuit and each switch on a different "leg", that obviously isn't what is happening or else there would be line to line fault when both switches are closed, if there were somehow interconection between them.
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    Thanks guys, I understand how circuits work. I'm going to guess this problem existed before we changed our the lights. I'll look into this on Monday.

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    Relative to your post #7. Wiring at the fixture can not be the cause. Switch B and lights B have to be powered from the output of switch A.

    My guess is that as you said it may have been a preexisting condition.


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    The lights that come on first are they the rows furthest from the windows?
    If so, it may be wired correctly and the rest of the rooms are wrong.
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