usually DONT have issues anymore but this time a house is tripping about five times a day. it has a chinese light fixture with an led on it in a closet and we replaced ALL the 8 ballasts to quick starts in the garage on this ckt for led replacement lamps. BY THE WAY BOX STORE FLOURESCENT FIXTURE BALLASTS ARE ABSOLUTE JUNK, QUIT BUYING THEM! had all 8 go out in one week in this place. Have to get them at a supply house to get the commercial ballast. but i digress.

i think these 8 flouro ballasts with the led direct replacement lamps (the kind you DONT rewire the ends to) are the cause of the nuisance tripping. or maybe the one light in the closet or for all i know, might be a staple in the wall somewhere instead. beats me just wondering if anybody has had afci issues with these direct replacement leds before. i didnt wire this place, but garage lights are on same ckt as bedroom where this afci recept is located. whole house is fed from a sub panel if that makes any diff, i dont have any issues with any of the other 4 afci leviton outlets i have used.

i have had all these garage lights on all day last time i was there now something, i dont know cause i havent been back, is causing this bs. i'm an hours drive from this place too. customer is a lawyer, so contractor does not want any fire issues. not like it matters.