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Thread: Temp genset..

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    Temp genset..

    Not sure how this would be accomplished. So all distribution is existing to remain. What they are doing in now backing up the ADP and HDP from a standby generator so they are adding ATS’s. We have to remove the feeders and running to the extg. ADP & HDP's and run new feeders from the existing main board to new ATS’s which will then feed the extg. ADP and HDP. They need to have the ADP and HDP live at all times and requested to provide temp generator. My thinking is the temping out would not happen at the main board but at either ADP and HDP( one at a time) so when the feeder serving those panels are removed either ADP or HDP is still live. How would the temp genset cables attached to either ADP or HDP? Right to the bus?
    I don’t think the entire main board would need to be shut down in order to move the feeders for wither ADP or HDP. We can just shut that switch down.

    Although I think the temp genset note implies to temp out the main switchboard which is 3000a.
    Sorry couldnt capture the entire pic image.

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    1-Line diagrams

    You need to provide better images (better resolution) for us to understand the system. I tried converting the files to jpg and when I enlarge the image the text is not readable.
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