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How does dedicated space apply to panelboards recessed in wood framing? Are cross-members of the wood framing and thermal insulation allowed within it?
The code does not explicitly address this situation. One could take the view that all that stuff is "foreign" to the electrical installation, and throw a flag on that play. My view is that this is not a code violation. I would not call a wood framing member "equipment." Also, such an installation does provide protection for the panel, as is required by 110.26(E). Finally (and I have no code wording to back this up), I believe the purpose of this article is to allow for future installation of additional conduits. That, I believe, is why it only applies to four specific components, and not (for example) to transformers, disconnect switches, or VFDs. A flush mounted panel is not going to be getting any new conduits, or at least not without a great deal of difficulty. That is why most plans and specs require spare conduits to be run from a flush mounted panel to a space above the suspended ceiling - for future circuits.